A Little About Blockhouse Bay Medical Centre

Blockhouse Bay Medical Centre was established in the 1950s and grew from its original position in 3A Heaphy St to, at its peak in the late 80s, to occupy both Heaphy St and Blockhouse Bay Rd, with satellite cliniics at Lynfield and Rosebank Rd. With retirements things have been now rationalised back from what was then an A+E style centre to a true General Practice occupying the 503 Blockhouse Bay address with the other clinics having been sold off and the number of doctors now resting at 3 full time equivalents with 3 full time nurses.
The Drs are Brian Thomson, Shanthi Selvakumar, and Phil Ruge.
The nurses are Ranjita Pratap, Nileshnee Nand and Stacey Richards.

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Monday – Thursday  8.30am – 6.00pm
Friday  8.30am – 5.30pm

Mission Statement and Purpose

FAMILY   To perform as a team , as a family , communicating , co-operating and working with one another, in order to cater for families and in so doing, achieve the practice’s goals and objectives.

MEDICAL   To continually strive for excellence and quality, in our range of medical services, which are to the satisfaction of our patients, being provided by professionally competent, content and motivated staff.

CARE   To show all patients that we care. To think and act in every way for the benefit of the patient, taking into account their situation, their own personal/individual needs and what they perceive as good service.

CENTRE   To be recognised as a medical centre which is dynamic, progressive and innovative in its field, both now and in the future.


General Practitioners
Dr Brian Thomson, General Practice, MBChB, Dip.Obst, FRNZCGP
Dr Phillip Ruge M.B, Ch.B, B.Med.Sc, FRNZCGP
Dr Shanthi Selvakumar, M.B.B.S., Dip.Obst. (Otago), FRNZCGP