Useful Links

Best Treatments Website  

searchExcellent UK website – made available until the end of 2004. Although only a relatively limited number of conditions is covered, the information provided is based on the most accurate scientific analysis of the research, and it is presented in a very clear and concise format.


searchThe dermnet website is NZ based and has a huge library of information about all sorts of skin conditions. We find this very useful in practice and recommend it for anyone wanting more information about skin problems.

Labtests Locations  

searchYou can quickly locate your nearest laboratory collection depot and check their opening hours here.

Health and Disability Commissioner  

searchAll information about your rights as a health care user is available from the website of the H&D Commissioner

Immunisation Advisory Centre  

searchIMAC has recently revised their website; you will find a large library of scientifically based reliable resources about immunisation – including fair and complete information about the risks and benefits of immunisation.

Medsafe – Patient Information on Medicines  

searchThe Ministry of Health maintains this database of standardised information sheets about medications registered in New Zealand.

Ministry of Health NZ  

searchThe Ministry of Health website maintains a reasonable database of information about issues of current concern, for example SARS, meningitis B, and so on.

NZ Health – NZ Patient Information  

searchThis website has a good number of useful, good quality information pages about common health problems. These are produced locally for NZ use and often include links to other reputable sites

NZ Sites – National Library  

searchThe National Library maintains a directory of health websites which is up to date, although the quality of the links listed varies.

Pharmac Schedule  

searchNone of us can keep up to date with the ever-changing schedule of drugs which the government�s drug-buying agency Pharmac pays for. This is the place to find out which drugs are subsidised by Pharmac and what the alternatives are.

Travel Information – Centers for Disease Control

searchThis USA based site offers excellent advice about recommendations for travel to different parts of the world. You can use this to base your discussions with your doctor about your vaccination requirements.